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Businesses are driven by defined processes; collectively performed to achieve certain objectives. These processes are the heart and soul of businesses; and key components that make them tick. Since these processes are crucial to the success of a business it is important to execute them in the most productive and efficient way. This is imperative to allow maximum performance as well as economic gain.

While these processes may involve manual efforts only, sometimes it is advisable to automate. Automation is usually supported in operations where manual effort is required to be minimized; but with an amplified efficiency and enhanced speed. In this competitive day and age, anything that can give an edge to the business and provide a boost is vital to be adopted.

Our business process automation solutions assist businesses by containing costs and considerably reducing manual effort. The online solutions allow for the business automation applications to be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The automation not only makes it simpler and faster for the process to progress from one stage to another, but also proficiently preserves the data involved. This stored data can be accessed later for reference by the relevant personnel. Our business process automation solutions help companies go green by introducing a paper-less environment.

The solutions are customized to client requirements. Therefore, these can easily be plugged into the rest of the business operations of the organization. These easy to incorporate solutions exploit the power of simplicity of user interface to make it possible for even a non-technical person to efficiently use the system. This removes the human inhibition factor completely and allows for a complete acceptance of the system introduced by the organization. In short, our business process automation systems are overall win-win solutions.

We currently specialize in the following two types of BPA solutions:

Product Evaluation Form Application

This type of application allows for a product evaluation form to be submitted by the manufacturers to the relevant authorities. This application can then be routed from one relevant entity to the other to complete different stages of application acceptance and product evaluation. Once all stages are completed, the manufacturers are notified of the final decision and/or the evaluation outcome. E-mail notifications are sent out after completion of different steps to the relevant personnel.

Workflow Applications

In this type of application, the client business process can be defined in terms of a workflow. This workflow consists of the following entities:

Roles – These are the personnel who will be involved in the process. Multiple individuals can be associated with one role.

Rules – These are the actions that are performed at different stages of the processes, sequentially or in parallel.

Messages – These are the notification e-mails that are sent out on execution of different actions (rules).

The application allows for the workflow to be setup and then runs accordingly. Multiple workflows can be setup in the application for different clients.