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With the introduction of personal computers and the Internet, perception of sharing data and information changed dramatically. Copying digital content became as easy as Xerox-ing a book; only cheaper, easier and requiring minimal efforts. This also facilitated creation of unlimited number of copies. This duplicated content could be written on disks which in turn could be distributed to any number of personnel, regardless of if they are authorized to access it or not. The Internet made it more effortless by allowing users to share content without any physical storage device and the need to move an inch from the computer.

Digital content can be the content generated by content providers and/or belong to content owners. It can also be internal confidential and/or proprietary data and information of organization. In case of copyrighted content, the owners may need to distribute it to only the paying customers. This would ensure their regular revenue stream and prevent their content from piracy. Organizational information assets may need to be distributed to the employees, to maintain a level of agility and transparency, but with a restricted access of who can access what. This restriction is required to protect the valuable organizational information from falling in the wrong hands or that of the competitors. In either case, digital content needs to be protected from unauthorized personnel and unintentional use.

iENGINEERING offers its digital rights management solutions; provided on-demand and tailored to the client requirements. In addition, these solutions provide a high level of security and unmatched cost effectiveness which results in a significant ROI. iENGINEERING DRM solutions offer complete control over securing and managing the digital content.

We strongly believe that restricting access to content is important; however, what the recipients of that content do with it afterwards is also crucial. To deliver this concept to our valued customers, different license options are offered that provide just the right amount of restriction on the digital content. Restrictions on access, copying, printing and sharing of the digital content can be enforced using our solutions. Also the number of times each of these specified actions is performed can be controlled also.


All DRM solutions offered by iENGINEERING can be categorized as follows:

Consumer Grade DRM

This method allows users to enforce DRM on their digital content by specifying their desired permissions. PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files can be encrypted using this method. To view the secured content, there is an option to view it in the embedded reader or in the associated software. If the embedded reader is used to view the secured content, no installation is required on the user machine.

Integration with FileOpen

iENGINEERING provides integration of FileOpen DRM software with its own systems to provide real-time digital content rights management. Content secured using this solution is viewable through the FileOpen plug-in only which the users need to download and install on their machines.

Integration with Adobe Content Server

For digitally securing and content and managing access rights, iENGINEERING allows integration with Adobe Content Server as well. Using this method, PDF and ePub files can be secured.

In addition to providing the DRM solutions for digital content, we also provide detailed reports with analytics of the secured digital content. These comprehensive figures provide an insight about the usage of the content to the digital content owners.

iENGINEERING provides both online and offline DRM solutions that can be network-based, computer based or floating to allow the desired flexibility. What we offer is ideal for securing documents and eBooks that need to be downloaded or distributed via CD ROMs.