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Data is one of the byproducts of all businesses today; whether a plethora of it is produced or more modest amounts. Where some data gets utilized, other data isn't always employed and therefore is kept in such forms that are practically impossible to consume. Data providers; like laboratories, testing facilities, evaluation bodies and analytical committees; continuously produce huge amounts of data. The real value of data is realized when appropriate people are empowered with it. This data can equip the consumers with enough substantiation that can allow them to make efficient and effective decisions based on it.

Intelligently organized, stored and presented data can thus pave the path to insightful decision making. Businesses, data providers and respective data consumers can benefit from this alike. Transformed to business intelligence, this data can be used as the most powerful resource that can steer the direction and dictate future goals for organizations.

Achieving this cannot be possible using the traditional data management systems. Handling such a requirement calls for a much more complex infrastructure, capable of handling, refining and presenting huge amounts of data. Data warehousing is the most practical and efficient solution that makes it easy to accomplish storing and organizing data for presentation in the desired form.

iENGINEERING offers convenient, comprehensive, scalable, and secure data warehousing solutions that are tailored to the customer needs. These solutions efficiently store the data and allow easy retrieval for viewing in the custom-made reports. In addition to this, iENGINEERING solutions offer analytics closely integrated and incorporated with the presented data. These analytics empower the data consumers to make decisions and calculated assumptions based on the statistically formulated figures.

Our high-end solutions can help you alleviate your business processes; enable you to use your valuable business data effectively to steer direction; and empower you to make mission critical decision to achieve organizational goals in a timely manner.