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Quality is the basic asset of iENGINEERING Corporation that it promises to its clients. iENGINEERING has been in the market for over 12 years now, providing large systems and the basic workflow systems to its clients on which the clients’ main business depends and it is iENGINEERING’s achievement that all systems developed are bug free and reliably working for years and years.


iENGINEERING has a team of experienced test engineers who have expertise and exposure of different industries and domains. The testing team has a broad vision and the ability to think out of the box and they are aware of the level of quality the customers require in this age of IT where competition in the market is all about quality product. They know how to test a software system by having the vision of different levels of software users.


Constant trainings of the team are scheduled to familiarize them with the latest trends and practices that help them in further improving the process and quality of work performed and increases efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Types of Testing


The iENGINEERING test team carries out the following types of testing:


  Smoke Testing
  Component Testing
  UI Testing
  Integration Testing
  System Testing
  Performance Testing


Apart from these basic testing types, there are many more types of testing services as well which can be provided as per the client requirements.


Test Analysis and Planning


The V-Model for testing is used for analysis of the system w.r.t. testing and the planning as how to carry out the testing activities. The testing team is involved from the start of the project and the test cases are designed in different phases of the SDLC according to the model. The core target of designing the test cases is to make sure that all the business requirements are complete as required by the client and the functional testing should make sure that there is no bug in the system.


Bug Reporting


iENGINEERING has its own bug reporting online portal called the iENGINEERING QCQA Center where the bugs are reported and their progress is posted individually. iENGINEERING staff as well as our clients are allowed access to this portal so that they can see the status of their software easily at any time.


How do we start?


Once contacted, iENGINEERING would ask you to provide an overall knowledge of the software system. Our experts will analyze the information given by you to get a idea of the size and complexity of the system and will provide you with an estimate of the time and cost required for testing of your software. Once everything is finalized iENGINEERING will schedule meeting so that our experts can get a complete and in-depth knowledge of your system and the ideas behind it so that they can test the software in correct and most effective manner.


During the testing process, iENGINEERING will provide you with full insight into the progress of work on your project through constant status review meetings and a live access to the iENGINEERING support and testing center so that you have a clear picture of the status of your software and work progress at all times. This will help you in effectively scheduling your own tasks with full confidence and ease.